Where it began...
October 16th, 2014
Hi Folks !!

Here is a brand new project which I'm working on with Monsieur Raton !

It's called : Slice of Sky !

This game is about flying as a dragon around floatting islands and rescuing doomed spirits.

We are all working during our free time, following our own rhythm.
You must know that the first idea was to make a sort of snake game in 3D, but really in 3D, I mean with movement in each 3 dimensions.
So that’s where we started.

After a few words with Monsieur Raton we come to the idea that the goal of the game will be to save the poor spirits who can’t access to paradise.
Our dragon is actualy a sort of ferryman which will catch the spirits and take them to freedom throught the Spirits gate.

As the inspiration comes from Snake, the more longer is the dragon the more spirits it can carry.

Down here is the spirits’ gate, you have to pass throught to free the spirits on your back.

But be carefull, there is a way to do it right.
Each spirit passing throught the gate increase your combo value so the next one give you more points and so on.
So in order to have a better score you have to keep that in mind.

Another aspect of the game who is already working is the way to fly.
The dragon flies around and you can control it with your joystick, keyboard, event with your phone’s gyroscope!

But it can only goes up if it is in a ascendent stream.
We’ve talk about making those stream moving around the map at some point.
And the most exiting part is when the dragon goes down : It will gain a burst of speed to collect a lots of spirits!

On the artistic side, it’s still full of placeholders but we have a pretty clear idea of what we want : kind of asiatic fantasy world.
We’re talking about floatting islands with temple on them, flying junks, lanterns and kites…

We would like the game to be able to generate itself random levels, placing islands with a few rules in order to don’t play the same level again and again.
Anyway without a level designer it’s the only solution.

We do had some other ideas for alternative game mode :
– Race against another dragon (multiplayer or AI)
– Levels where you are only going down (or up), like a vertical runner
– Exploration levels with hidden spirits…

Aaaand that’s it for now !
We are working pretty hard on this so things are evolving fast.
I started the project alone 4 weeks ago and it’s been 2 weeks since Monsieur Raton joined me.
And we’re having a lot a fun!
We’ll be very pleased if you give us some feedback about Slice of Sky so don’t hesitate.

Wrote by Lauryl.