Making of the Spirit
November 20th, 2015

Hi !


After the dragon, it's time to make the spirit.

We asked to the same artist who made the dragon to draw a spirit for us.

Remember, we wanted to add several king of spirit :
- Stone
- Fire
- Ice
- Earth
- Light
-... maybe other kind

First I will make the "Stone" spirit.
This article will show you how I've made it.
If I have enought time, I will do the same for making a the texture.

Let's Start !
(There is a lot of picture, I will not explain each step...)

It took 2 days to be done ! (around few hours by day)

The next step: Unwrapping and "painting" the texture...

By the way here is the 3D version.

Thank you for reading, bye !

Wrote by Éric.