Making of projectile
November 25th, 2015
Hello everyone !

Today, I will tell you how I've made the dragon's projectile.

First I was looking for something unique and flashy...
I didn't succeed to find something cool enought for me.

The idea came from Lauryl who just finished The Legend of Zelda : Windwalker.
He told me that the wind attack from Link looks cool.
And may I could do something like that for Slice of Sky.

This idea was great for me, but I don't want to make something to similar.
I've started to draw what I had in mind : A ball with king of flames turning around.

In my 3D software I made a sphere (and I change its axis to fit Unity's)
Then I've made a curved plane.
I exported all of this on Unity and I ducplicate the curved plane.

After I've animated the projectile I thought something was missing... There's not enough "volume" on the effect.
So I go back on my 3D software and I added another curved plane.
Then I added the "arrow" draw before as a particle texture.

And here is the dragon's projectile !
Wrote by Éric.