New experiences
February 4th, 2015
Hey guys, today I’m going to talk a little bit about the changes we’ve made on the dragon lately.
There is two major changes : the boost and the sound wave.
They are here to dynamise the game in order to cut out the boring phase between two spirits catch.

Firstable let’s talk about the boost :
As you can see on the image above there is now a boost gauge displayed on the screen.
It’s made of 6 boost tanks separate one from another.

When you begin the game you only have one feeled tank and in order to unlock the others you’ll have to catch boost bonuses.

Every tank which is partialy empty will fastly refeel itself over time.
But as soon as you totaly empty it, it will lock itself again.
So you have to be carefull on how you use them.

The purpose of this behavior is to make the player think about his boosts and make some stategy on when to use them.
We surely don’t want the player to use his boost everytime it become available.
It could later get a synergy with some events that will for exemple spawn a 10 000 point spirits to far to get caught exept if the player have a 4 tanks boost.

In an other hand we have the firing part.
This is tricky because I did’nt want any violence in the game but clearly it’s a big improvement to keep the player busy.

So, we’ve made it a sound wave, that generaly not violent (exept for the “Fus Ro Dah!”) and that way we can avoid any destruction process. The wave inpact will only freeze any touched spirit for a small amount of time, making it easier to catch.
Combined with the boost it’s really awesome :p

I’m sure you have noticed that the dragon have changed, it’s not finished yet but Monsieur Raton is working on it.
He will come with a post about it soon =)

Thanks for reading, don’t forget to ask anything you wan’t to know!
Wrote by Lauryl.