Try, try, try again !
January 19th, 2015
As the game evolve, the experience change and we become more and more blind to its faults.
That’s why you have, from time to time, to make a step backward and take a global look on what you’ve done so far.

We’ve made this step recently and we’ve figure out something really important : our game wasn’t fun!

It’s not that what we’ve made was bad but it feels empty and a little bit boring.
So far we were trying to make a game about poetry and the feeling of freedom, some kind of exploration game. To be honnest it’s really hard to make it work, there is only a few real exploration game that are actually good and successful and maybe it was a little be presumptuous of us to try to make one.

The movements and interactions of the player are okay, the fact to grab some spirits is okay but all together there is a feeling of emptyness, you are like : “Okay that’s fine but why am I doing that?”.
This feeling was in part generated by the time that you spend travelling between two spirits, this time could be pretty long (15~20 sec) and during it you did’nt do anything.
We figure out that our game suffer from a lack of dynamism.

At this point we decide to make some big change in our game in order to save him from its own boringness.
The first thing we’ve got to do was to insert more interactions in the player direct gameplay, this will fill the void during the travel between spirits.

So we had two ideas :

     • Make the dragon able to shoot some sort of sound wave in order to freeze any hit spirit
     • Give a speed boost gauge to the player, it will refill slowly over time and can also be boosted by some power up.

This two change are actualy done and they have made a lot a changement in the way that you play the game, it’s to early to be sure that is the solution but we are definitely on the good way!

We will talk about the realisation of those change in the next post.
Stay tuned :)
Wrote by Lauryl.