Monster !
December 15th, 2014
Hi everyone !

Today I’m telling to you about our monster and the event system.

Previously I have presented some work on the depth of the spirits gameplay, the spirits.
We had to do that because we don’t want our game to be repetitive and borring so we have to renew the player interest in the game by intoducing new mechanics and by disturbing a little bit the rythm of the game.
That’s why we decide to put together an event system.

The idea is to break the linearity of the gameplay by giving to the player another goal/activity during a small period.
The event manager has been programmed to trigger an event randomly. It will select one into a list, but for now there is only the one about a monster.

When this event starts a monster enter in the dragon’s world and begin to frighten all the spirits on the map.

The spirits are so afraid that they will move arround randomly and became very hard to catch.
The player have to rush on the monster because no matter how scary the monster is, the dragon is more!
When the dragon is close enought, the monster will flee and everything will come back to normal.

Here is a little exemple :

As you can see we’ve made a tracker to help the player to locate the monster.
It hard enought in a 3D world to find something and we surely don’t want to annoy the player, so this little icon on the border of the screen will help him to find the monster.

Of course more events will come, we have think of chains of spirits who will spawn in front of the dragon and you’ll have to catch the more you can.

An other idea is to make the dragon pass throught arches to gain score multiplier.

It’s not set up yet but we think that we have to create positive and negative event, I mean some which will slow down the player scoring and some other that will increase it.
But as I said, more will come later.

Have a nice day!

Wrote by Lauryl.