Slippery Spirits
November 24th, 2014
Two articles in a row, I’m on fire today!

This one is about gameplay, we wanted to add depth in the spirits gameplay so we worked out something.

The problem was here to prevent the gameplay around the spirits from becoming borring.
We’ve decided to add some depth by adding a few behavior to the spirits :

     • The spirits will now slowly fall down, the purpose here is just to make the world feel more alive.
     We’ve also noticed that the slow falling of all the spirit make a strange ambiance.
     Like if the stars were falling, it’s sad but beautiful.

     • Some spirits will now run away from you.
      They are like impish spirits, to catch them you’ll have to put together some strategy.
      The only way to get close to this kindof spirit is catching an other one who will make your dragon sing.
      The song of the dragon will then soothe the spirit and you’ll be able to catch it.

We had a couple of other ideas who will come later to the game :

     • A spirit with a limited field of view who will flee if you don’t come from above or below.

     • A slippery spirit which can only be on your dragon for 5 sec.
     After this time he will just fall down.
     Maybe you can hold it with another spirit?

More ideas will come.
Stay tuned

Wrote by Lauryl.