A whole new world
November 24th, 2014
Hey folks!

The game is improving day after day, I can’t post every day about it but I try to keep you informed.

Today it about making levels !

So, as an indie team our main problem is that we are two people working on the game.
That make some part of the game creation process really hard to handle.
I’m thinking particulary of the level design.
Many indie game have found a solution in the procedural generation of their levels.

In Slice of Sky we decided to have only one level which will change and evolve every time you get in.
Basicaly it’s like a Temple Run or JetPack Joyride, you will always play in the same environment but this one will be slightly different every game session.
Another aspect of our procedural generation will be that the kind of spirit that you can found will change with the player level.
But I’ll explain this later in another post.

So about the generation, the idea is to create a panel of assets (islands, spirits, bonuses…).
Each one of them will be manualy design, here is some early work :

The level generator will then pick some of them and use them to create the level.
We just have to set the size of the level and the number of elements.

Before :

After :

This will really save a lot of time!
Of course the rules of the generation still have to be improve but this is a good start point.

That’s it for now, more will come!

Wrote by Lauryl.