Building 3D islands
November 17th, 2014
Hello !

The main element in our game are the islands.
may you wonder how I made the in 3D ?
It’s quite easy to model them, but the last part, the painting process is quite long.
It take about 5 minute to build in 3D and about 30min/1h to paint only one island !

Let’s start !
(don’t worry I will show you a quick way to do that !)
Fist I draw a shape of the island I wanna build…

Then in 3D from the top view I build the shape…

Then again I extrude the polygons to the bottom like this…

Here the island in 3D !

Now I have to paint a texture !
First I unwrap the UVs and I can start painting.
I choose the color to define my palette of color and I try to paint some rocks with…

It look good for me, Now it’s time to paint all the rock on the shape of the island…

And voilà ! The rocks in the bottom of the island

For the grass I quickly paint it with some spread brush.

The texture look like this…

The last part is about merging grass and rocks.
As you can see on the previous pictures there is a separation between the brown and the green part.

After painting this missing part it look like this !

The texture look like this :

Now, I think, I’m done with the islands’ texture :)
Wrote by Éric.