building 3D islands
October 30th, 2014

Since the last post a few things have been done.
Have a look

I’ll start with the artistic side.
New models and texture :

     • A kind of street lamp (not finished yet!)

     • Few lanterns

     • New textures for the bonuses :
      the green one increase the time, the red one make the dragong grows…

On the programming side the first version of the “3C” (Character, Controls, Camera) is done.
I took a lot of time on handling the collisions although.
We’ve also make a nice effect for feddbacking the speed that you see when you’re rushing down among the islands.

Otherwise the first gameloop is done, I mean the sequence [Menu – Game – Score – Replay].
I have implemented a score handler as well as a timer handler and of course victory conditions.

Next steps are :

     • Android, maybe it’s a phone game ?

     • Facebook, what’s better then playing whith your friends and sharing your best scores?

Keep following!

Wrote by Lauryl.