Devil Spirit Finished !
January 19th, 2016
Making-of Devil Spirit
December 30th, 2015
Alpha game footage III
November 25th, 2015
Making of projectile
November 25th, 2015
Alpha game footage II
November 20th, 2015
Making of Spirit
November 20th, 2015
Alpha game footage I
November 18th, 2015
Here comes the dragon !
April 22nd, 2015
New experiences
February 4th, 2015
Try, try, try again !
January 19th, 2015
Monster !
December 14th, 2014
Slippery Spirits
November 24th, 2014
A whole new world
November 24th, 2015
Building 3D islands
November 17th, 2014
October 30th, 2014
Where it began...
October 16th, 2014